Wednesday’s Workout Day

In 2005, I had the best of both words. I got to sit back
and enjoy and reap all the benefits. This year is a little different. Hopefully,
I’ll be participating and doing stuff to put runs on the board or make plays in
the field. This year, I can partake first-hand instead of sitting back and

It’s weird. I think that after you celebrate with all the
excitement we had last night, you tend to get carried away congratulating
everyone. It’s crazy how quick it goes. But I think everyone was emotionally

Guys were sitting around talking on the plane, and it was
a lot of fun. Usually our flights consist of guys playing cards or listening to
their Ipods or listening to music.

I got a bunch of text messages from my family and
friends. I won’t throw out the number because I don’t want to brag and make
anybody feel bad. But it was awesome. The ones I enjoyed best were from my friends
back home and the guys I played with in the past. They gave me a hard time and
said I didn’t need to dive to catch that final out. All the guys I played with
at the University of Arizona
who know the game, they were saying things like, ‘Quit timing it, Edmonds.’

When I caught it, I knew we had two outs and either me or
Jermaine Dye, one of us was going to lay out for that ball. I’m glad I got the opportunity
to make the catch.

They are all supporting us, and it shows us a lot.
Through the ups and downs we had, and it was a frustrating season, at times, for
them to come together, it really helped us pull through.

Tampa Bay
is going to play their game and we will play ours. It’s going to be a competitive
series, but it should be fun to watch.


Brian, thanks for taking the time to write to us fans. We appreciate all you do for the team and all you did in Tuesday night’s game. I love Jr. but I was so happy to see Ozzie put you in the game because when you are in center, I KNOW any opponent’s fly ball is going to be caught!

I was one of the lucky ones to be at the park (yes, in all black, down to my undies) when you clinched the division title. Being a season ticket holder, it is what I was waiting for all year. And after all the grief my husband gave me about how much money I could have made by selling the tickets, well . . . Let’s just say he was lucky I took him to the game at all. What a thrill it was to see all the fans of the same mind wearing black and cheering on almost every pitch. (It was almost like being in a Catholic church service with all the getting up and sitting down and getting up and sitting down!) Needless to say, I am still recovering my voice two days later. (Hope I lose it again today while cheering at home with the TV.)


Hi Brian!!

Huge thanks and heartfelt cyber hugs to you for your stellar play, your contributions all year, and this blog. It is such fun to get a peek inside the clubhouse, and how the team feels. I can tell you, your fans, including those of us who live far from Chicago (I’m in the San Francisco bay area) are with you all the way. I’m sitting at home in Palo Alto, dressed completely in black and wearing what I hope is my “lucky” baseball pendant, because that worked before, and I hope it works again 🙂

I have every confidence you guys will be in the World Series.

Go SOX!!!!!!


I’m in the USAF and incase you didn’t know if you have a military id you can get a ticket to the sox games for free so when i was going to school at Illinois Institute of Technology (right across the highway from the park please tell me you know that) from 2003-2007 I went to a ton of sox games. I was at your first major league game and ever since then I’ve been calling you “my son”. Well everyone know I call you my son so it was awesome going into work after tuesday’s game and having everyone tell my my “son” made an awesome catch. Plus I’m only 23yrs old so it’s pretty funny. Rock on.

Brian, I was so glad that Ozzie put you in Monday & Tuesday. I am counting on you to have an impact this postseason, and I really hope you’re a starter next year.

I was at both games this week. Monday was fun, even with waiting so long to get the game going. But Tuesday night was like an out of body experience. I thought it was loud when Jr. Threw out Cuddyer and AJ made the great play. I thought it couldn’t get louder when Jim hit the homer. But when the game ended, I wouldn’t have been surprised if my ears started bleeding. That was great. Worth climbing up to the nosebleed seats in section 557. I even think the guy in front of me didn’t mind getting pooped on by an official US Cellular pigeon!

First off, congrats to you and the rest of the guys for getting us to the post season. It has been an awesome ride so far, and I’m not getting off anytime soon. (That’s what she said.)

Like many, many other Sox fans out there, I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years. Remember those seven fans that bought your #44 jersey? Well, I was one of them.

Go out there and today and have an awesome game. And like you said, enjoy the moment. You never know when or if it comes around again.

Go White Sox!!!

Hey Brian-
Great catch – if you want to see it from a fans perspective –

Go get them Rays!!


Thanks for the blog Brian!
As Scott Reifert can tell you, there is a big Brian Anderson fan club over on his blog, myself included!

Was at the game Tuesday and what a great time. 2005 was great, but you guys never clinched any of it at home. I think we were all celebrating the celebrations we never had then. Oh and those very few non-black wearers were the few Twin fans who managed to get in. EVERY Sox fan had black of somesort on.

Congrats on the division now go kick some a** in Tampa!!

Great play BA!!! I always feel safer knowing you are stalking the CF!!! We all look forward to seeing to make more of those plays in postseason. You have a lot fans out here that can’t wait to see you do some real damage and remind Ozzie why you need to be our everday Center Fielder!!!

Keep your head up, buddy!! We are all cheering for you guys!!!

Hey Brian, whats up?!? I just want to say congrats on getting to the playoffs. I was at the clincher “blackout” (nice catch by the way). Its great that you take the time to take to us fans. Even though my name is 1credefan1, I am also a big Brian Anderson fan, I think you have a great future… hopefully with the White Sox. Anyway, good luck and hopefully we can fight back after todays loss.
GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Brian!

First, I think its incredibly cool of you to blog for all of us. Being a sox fan has always felt like being a member of a close knit family and this really adds to that feel.
What also comes with the family feeling is the extreme frustration of not being able to watch you guys play in such important games. After swim practice the night of the detroit game, my team and I had to work the concession stand for a school volleyball game. Secluded in the back kitchen, my swim coaches, best friend, and I huddled around a radio listening with excitement to the wild pitches and the infamous grand slam.
The following day, I had a 4-8:30 shift lifeguarding for the local YMCA pool. Possibly sacrificing the safety of our local swimmers, I managed to follow the tiebreaker game through play-by-play text messages sent by my ever loyal best friend.
I made it home in just enough time to witness the final out. I had to experience the games through crappy old radios, text messages, and postgame highlights, but it was YOUR awesome incredible catch I saw first hand in the heat of such a momentous moment. Please excuse this Nitsche-novel of a comment, but thank you a million times over for giving me something so outstanding to rememeber!

We’re all here for you guys!!!

Unfortunately I was unable to catch the game that night, but i did have game day up in the office and during our editorial board meeting i started screaming and caused a scene. My sister texted me and told me about your catch and i found the video as soon as i could.

It really gave us fans something to believe in again. I always like seeing you play center field, no t to mention you are my favorite player.
I’m sending you guys good vibes and my and my boston terrier, Buehrle, will be watching with fingers crosses.

Brian, I’m no baseball expert but you got nothing. Other than an occasional nice catch, that,s about all you have. Any one can stand in the batters box waiting for a walk wiyh the bat never leaving thier shoulder. In my opinion ,u got nothing.

Hey Brian,
Have you heard anything about Spring Training in Tucson or Glendale, or both locations? My wife and I are the volunteer ushers (green vests and wacky hats) at Tucson Electric Park. I even gave you a high 5 in the stairwell after you had a good Spring Training game. Don’t expect you to remember that. ha
We got to work at the Cell for the last 4 games too! I got on the field (red jackets) and saw you run by with the campaign spraying.
We love your home town of Tucson!!! Wishing you the very best and hoping to see you in centerfield TUCSON!

Hey Brian, thanks for taking the time to keep us updated.. Totally cool of you……………..! Looking forward to seeing you on that field. Best damn out fielder.

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