Starting over, down two

think the key for tomorrow is to pretend that the series is 0-0 and go one game
at a time. We take these two games at home and it’s a whole different series. That’s
what makes it good and bad about a five-game set. All we need to do is win one
game and let that carry over to the next.

the flight home Friday, guys were quiet for the most part, just playing cards.
Nothing too different from the norm. At this point in the season, it would be phony
for guys to be real [upset], and be down on themselves. That’s not how our team
is. We still got games left. The series definitely isn’t over. We’re not where
we want to be, but our guys have been down two and come back before.

definitely see it’s a little different on the Tampa
Bay side because there are so many
guys there who aren’t used to being in a winning organization. For them, this
is really exciting for them, which is great. We’re not so much different over
here. We’re just a lot of veteran guys who try to keep the same mindset and not
get too hyped up about it. I think it’s generally the same feeling, just a
different reaction and expression.

gets along over here, but I could hang out with my best friend back home for
seven-plus months and we would butt heads. You’re going to butt heads during
the season. It’s just the way it is. You put people together for that much time,
and families butt heads, friends butt heads. But right now, we’re just playing
and trying to win baseball games. We’re all on the same page.

mom’s in town, so those are my plans for tonight. Hopefully, she’s taking it
easy on my credit card. She’s down somewhere on Michigan

don’t get to see my mom that much during the season because she works, but the
times that she does come out, I like to let her enjoy herself. Take the card
out, and surprisingly, she doesn’t do too much damage. I just tell her to have
fun, but I think like any mom, they do like to spoil themselves, but at the
same time, it’s their son and they don’t want to take advantage of their son.
Whatever she gets, hopefully she keeps it within reason.

have definitely taken their toll. Would Carlos [Quentin] and Joe [Crede] and [Jose] Contreras have
helped us? Absolutely. But at the same time, I think there are some other guys
on the team who have stepped up and blossomed and done some really amazing
things this year. I don’t know if that could have happened under different


Go get ’em, Brian. Hope you get some playing time in game 3, come up big, and bring us a Sox winner!!

Welcome Home! We got those Rays right where we wanted them! Good Luck Tomorrow Brian!

No matter what happens the rest of this month, thanks for a great season of Sox baseball!!

PS…My wife has her BA #44 jersey from 05. Should #44 ever become available, would you switch back?

First and foremost, Go Sox! Considering the predictions that were handed out at the beginning of the season at how far this team would go this year, you have all done us proud. Don’t ever forget that. I’ve been wearing a #44 Anderson jersey since 06, and my wife got herself a #32 this season. You’re doing great out there, Brian, and the fans know it. It’s been great seeing you deliver during the regular season and we both look forward to seeing you do that for many seasons to come. And since once isn’t enough, I have to say it again . . . GO SOX!

Hey BA……..thanks for the cool blog. My whole family is a fan of yours, and we love to see you in CF.
Have a great game tomorrow……I know we’re gonna win…..enjoy each game.
Your mom sounds cute……you should get her a shirt to wear on Michigan Avenue saying “I’m Brian Anderson’s Mom”!
She could be famous for a day. You’re a good son.

Go Sox!
The Christensen Family

– I met your Mom at Picnic at the Park and sister? (I am pretty sure it was)

I could totally tell you are still her little boy!

Here’s the pics-

The first pic is a bad one of you – but a good one of your mom and sis –
The 2nd is a better pic of you!

I thought you were very cool, some of the other guys avoided the fans like the plague – but you told my kids to come over so I could take a pic with you and them – very classy on your part.

Please Brian, no matter how famous you get please remember the little fans and how you are their idol – don’t ever get so into yourself that you forget how it is to be a Fan!!

Go get the Rays tomorrow!


Hey Brian:
Thanks for the blog.
Interesting to get a small insight into how the players see things unfolding.

For Game 3 (one day at a time)
No called third strikes – let’s rip it!
Run Brian Run – make the Rays pitchers twitch for stolen bases!
Play CF like you want to put the Twins Gomez to shame!

GoGo White Sox!

Nice of you to treat your mom (as I’m sure she treated you many times when you were growing up). Hope you can treat her to a White Sox win later today. We need at least one post-season win for the great city of Chicago! (and hopefully more after that) GO WHITE SOX!!

“Don’t just be happy to make the playoffs, win this thing!”
Ozzie’s comment in 2005. Let’s go boys put some pressure on these young Rays. We need to make a statment in game 3. Kind of like the 14-2 beat down we gave Boston Game 1 in 2005. Don’t sit back and wait for it to be handed to you. I know no one expected the Sox to be in the playoffs this year but we’re here. Now let’s make some noise! Big win in game 3 changes the whole series. Let’s GO SOX.



You are a good son. I hope you are enjoying the time with your mom. If you need a second mom to keep that credit card warm, just let me know. I promise, I won’t even go to Michigan Avenue!
That being said, it is time for you and the rest of my White Sox to get down to business and show the Rays what you are made of. You guys can win against the best! We have seen you do it! Danks is gonna be amazing, I know it. But you guys have got to score! Find a way to bring our guys home instead of leaving them standing on base! Please don’t make me watch the next round without the WHITE sox.

SOXTOBER has 31 days, not 5. GO GO GO GO WHITE SOX!


Hey Brian Anderson,
I am a dieheart fan of you and the team! We can admit we have had our obstacles this season but we still made it, against all odds! I believe in you and the team and I know you can pull through!!! Just go out there with your hearts and heads in that game and show the rays who is in charge in CHICAGO !!! Remember, we are all behind you!!!

Dear Brian,
I’m glad I stuck with you this whole season, I knew you would be a part of this team, and I hope to see you starting next year.

Brian, You guys were Great tonight! I too am so glad that you are a part of the team. Have a great night.

Hey BA – good for you. Great win today – we’re still down but you guys can do it!! Thanks to the entire team for a great season so far – you made being a Sox fan a real honor this year!! And thanks for being good to your mom – every mom deserves shown that shes special!!!

Hey Brian, I’ve been a fan of yours for a couple years and each year–i am more and more impressed with you. I think your fan base is spreading because everyone around my town seems to be talking more and more about you. Thanks for stepping up and doing what was needed. Hopefully you get even more PT next year.

Great win today! One more tomorrow!


Brian, very nice hustle on the base path tonight. And GREAT job, White Sox! Love to see the fans cheering you guys on and I continue to love the blackout. Now lets win tomorrow & head back to Tampa! I’ll be wearing my black and doing my own cheering here on the East Coast. GO SOX!!

Hey, Brian, great baserunning, and thanks for the extra run!!!

Thank you, too, for your kindness to your mom – as a mother myself, I soooo appreciate kindness from my children 🙂

Here’s to another win tomorrow (you can be sure I’ll still have my Sox Pride Blackout shirt on)!! I’ve been proud all my life to be a Sox fan, and I’m so proud of all you guys now! You’ve only just begin your Soxtober run!!!

Go Sox!!!

Nice job pinch running and scoring that important insurance run yesterday, Brian. Great catch at the end of the Twins game too…one for the highlight reel definately! Glad to see you back with the team this year and making a contribution. That late inning switch with Junior seems to be a winning combination. Good luck against the Rays later today.


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