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One down and in search of two more

off the bench and hitting against Chad Bradford (which Anderson
did in the eighth) is one of the toughest at-bats you can have. Honestly,
you’re almost begging for [Grant] Balfour to come out.

is a tremendous pitcher and he throws really hard. But I think if any hitter
had to choose, they’d choose a guy who throws hard as opposed to a guy who
looks like he’s dragging his fingers on the ground every time he throws. I
expect to go out there and get a hit every time, but I also understand that
when a guy has had the success that he’s had and pitches from that arm angle –
not so many guys are gonna be able to square up the ball on him.

I don’t think anybody in the big
will come off the bench consistently and square it up
every time. It’s tough. But I cant complain. This is what I’m doing and I don’t
think anyone expects me to go up there and hit a home run or drive the ball
every single time, especially under the circumstances. But my job right now is
to play defense the best I can, do what I can to help the team, and if I can
come up and have a good at bat, then I’m happy.

did I think we had a chance to win this one? Well, when we got back on the
board, obviously you gotta score a run to win the game, but that one inning, Dewayne Wise‘s
ball that he hit down the line. It was a good job of hitting and it really gave
us momentum and carried us through the game.

hope no one gets offended, because it’s not meant to be offensive, but I really
do call him the black Ross Gload. He’s the African-American Ross
Gload, there you go. Ross Gload is so versatile and he’s such a great hitter.
But a guy like Dewayne Wise, you’re almost in awe, wondering why this guy is
not playing everyday somewhere. This guy was about to go play Independent ball
and he’s helping us win postseason games.

I the last inning with Bobby [Jenks] throwing, I had a chance to check out the
crowd. I was thinking to myself, ‘I wonder if I can make a request to the
people directly behind the plate in the first 5 or ten rows to not do that
[wave the white towels] so I could see the ball off the bat. But more times
than not, it helps the team.