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Back against the wall, but going home

You have to go out there and make smart decisions, myself
included, and I know I tried to do too much at the plate tonight. Instead of
accepting the single or trying to square one up, I probably was trying to drive
the ball or swing too hard.

The game itself doesn’t really change from being inactive
during 2005. The atmosphere does. Actually going out there, the atmosphere is a
lot different. But I still have to go out there and play the game.

My mom is in town. So, after the workout on Saturday, I’ll
catch up with her and probably just have dinner.

We’ve been like this all year. We’ve been up and down, although
it’s hard to say we’ve had our backs up against the wall when we’ve been in first
pace. We put ourselves in this situation, but we have played well under
pressure. So hopefully we can come out on top.

Tampa Bay
is a good team, very Minnesota-like
in that they have scrappy hitters and good pitching. They also have guys who
can hit the ball out of the ballpark.

But I think all us believe in our team. If someone here
didn’t, it would really surprise me. It’s three wins, and we’ve put together
three in a row a bunch of times.

Now, here are a couple of responses to questions asked of

Q: Any thoughts about playing ball in a dome? How does
the dome in Tampa compare with the

think the dome has anything to do with that. At the same time, these guys play
here every day and they know how to play in this stadium. It’s not an excuse. But
you can tell they use their atmosphere in this stadium to their advantage.

Q: Hey Brian, can you grow back your long curly locks of
magical gold? You are the Greatest American Hero!

hair is the least of my concerns right now. I’ll worry about that in the
offseason. I’ll change it up from time to time.

A quiet Game 1 loss

I don’t know what happened in the seventh inning (with
Orlando Cabrera and Grant Balfour exchanging words). I wasn’t paying attention to
the swings and stuff. I was getting ready in case I had to pinch-hit, so I didn’t
see much of it.

Some guys just get caught up in the emotions, and I think
that got the best of Balfour. Stuff happens with him. He just got caught up. He’s
an emotional guy. He throws hard. He’s probably a great guy but just got caught
up a little bit.

As for my at-bat (leading off the eighth against J.P.
Howell as a pinch-hitter), I tried to put myself in a great hitting situation,
and I don’t know, man. I got myself in the best situation I could to hit and I got
out. It was a good call, strike three. It was a good pitch (on 3-2).

I don’t know where we go from here. I guess you have to
ask Ozzie. He’s the manager. But really, it’s a five-game series, so we just
need to put it behind us and get back going tomorrow.

Wednesday’s Workout Day

In 2005, I had the best of both words. I got to sit back
and enjoy and reap all the benefits. This year is a little different. Hopefully,
I’ll be participating and doing stuff to put runs on the board or make plays in
the field. This year, I can partake first-hand instead of sitting back and

It’s weird. I think that after you celebrate with all the
excitement we had last night, you tend to get carried away congratulating
everyone. It’s crazy how quick it goes. But I think everyone was emotionally

Guys were sitting around talking on the plane, and it was
a lot of fun. Usually our flights consist of guys playing cards or listening to
their Ipods or listening to music.

I got a bunch of text messages from my family and
friends. I won’t throw out the number because I don’t want to brag and make
anybody feel bad. But it was awesome. The ones I enjoyed best were from my friends
back home and the guys I played with in the past. They gave me a hard time and
said I didn’t need to dive to catch that final out. All the guys I played with
at the University of Arizona
who know the game, they were saying things like, ‘Quit timing it, Edmonds.’

When I caught it, I knew we had two outs and either me or
Jermaine Dye, one of us was going to lay out for that ball. I’m glad I got the opportunity
to make the catch.

They are all supporting us, and it shows us a lot.
Through the ups and downs we had, and it was a frustrating season, at times, for
them to come together, it really helped us pull through.

Tampa Bay
is going to play their game and we will play ours. It’s going to be a competitive
series, but it should be fun to watch.