Back against the wall, but going home

You have to go out there and make smart decisions, myself
included, and I know I tried to do too much at the plate tonight. Instead of
accepting the single or trying to square one up, I probably was trying to drive
the ball or swing too hard.

The game itself doesn’t really change from being inactive
during 2005. The atmosphere does. Actually going out there, the atmosphere is a
lot different. But I still have to go out there and play the game.

My mom is in town. So, after the workout on Saturday, I’ll
catch up with her and probably just have dinner.

We’ve been like this all year. We’ve been up and down, although
it’s hard to say we’ve had our backs up against the wall when we’ve been in first
pace. We put ourselves in this situation, but we have played well under
pressure. So hopefully we can come out on top.

Tampa Bay
is a good team, very Minnesota-like
in that they have scrappy hitters and good pitching. They also have guys who
can hit the ball out of the ballpark.

But I think all us believe in our team. If someone here
didn’t, it would really surprise me. It’s three wins, and we’ve put together
three in a row a bunch of times.

Now, here are a couple of responses to questions asked of

Q: Any thoughts about playing ball in a dome? How does
the dome in Tampa compare with the

think the dome has anything to do with that. At the same time, these guys play
here every day and they know how to play in this stadium. It’s not an excuse. But
you can tell they use their atmosphere in this stadium to their advantage.

Q: Hey Brian, can you grow back your long curly locks of
magical gold? You are the Greatest American Hero!

hair is the least of my concerns right now. I’ll worry about that in the
offseason. I’ll change it up from time to time.


Let the guys know that the Fans will have their backs on Sunday!


Everyone’s a little bummed out now BUT, like Jennifer said above – We’ll all be there in black and fine voice ready to have your backs on Sunday, and Monday and …….
We’ve seen you guys come back time and time again over the season and it’s time to win three games one at a time. So, LET’S Go SOX!

Hey Brian,
Tough loss on Friday. It was a shame that the offense couldn’t capitalize on their opportunities and give Buehrle a win to go along with his stellar pitching effort.
Anyway, it’s back home with more “must win” games looming. And the LAST time that happened, you guys won three games against three different teams! I was there every game cheering you all on. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it on Sunday, but I’m sure the place will be packed! So win a couple for the home crowd and then go quiet that cowbell-ringing mob in Tampa!
LET’S GO SOX!! This thing ain’t over yet!

Bringing out all the black again on Sunday… boy am I happy the team colors do not involve bright pink lol. But honestly, this game is done with and there are three left. You guys have made the history books several times this year, why not one more time? Maybe the team needs a new song for this year… retire “Don’t Stop Believin” and find a new one that get’s you guys pumped… Perhaps “Back in Black” AC/DC?

1.) I think it’s super sweet that you’re writing blogs for the postseason! Thanks for doing that!

2.) You guys started out great tonight. I know it was a bummer with the outcome, but just keep your heads up high and play hard for the next game. And Brian, don’t sweat about your batting tonight either. We all have our bad games,trust me, I know. I had it happen a good number of times in softball. Just shake it off, listen to some music to get your mind off tonights game and pumped for the next!

3.) I actually have a question. Sorry if you hate getting them! But I just wanted to know what your experience was like with baseball before you joined the white sox? Was being a baseball player your dream job when you were little?

K relax this next day and play your hearts out next game! The fans will be right on your guys’ side cheering their hearts out, including me! I’ll never stop cheering for the team I LOVE!


Thanks again for sharing —
Maybe you all need a new song to bring joy to your club at this point in the series? How about MOMMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT ( LL COOL J) ? Or you all could brainstorm another song that is motivating and encouraging !!
Go get em’ on Sunday !!

Dude, swing the bat! Same goes for the rest of the team…

I know it sounds cliche, but you can’t think about it as ‘we need 3 in a row, we’ve done 3 in a row before’, one game at a time, each game is a different matchup, and I love our matchups for these next 2 at home


Thanks again for putting your thought out here for the fans. Isn’t it funny how the better you guys do, the higher everyones expectations are? That includes me by the way! The Sox weren’t expected to win the division, and for a couple of days there even alot of the fans thought maybe the season was coming to a close. But you guys came up and suprised them all!

How much of an affect does the home town crowd, and the noise we make, have on your guys??? I am hopeing that it lifts you guys up and makes a difference. Maybe when we go back to Tampa to take game 5 they ought to give you guys headsets with the sounds of a charged up U.S. Cellular Field crowd so you can hear YOUR fans cheering instead of those dumb cowbells. I was at the game Saturday the 27th, which unfortunately we lost. But the crowd was absolutely awesome. And Tuesday’s crowd was great too. Heck, they are all good!

Whatever happens, please know that your real fans are always behind you. We’ve got your back when it’s againt the wall! We know that you are professionals and when you are out there, you are doing your best. The Rays are the cream of the crop and anyone with any common sense should have known that it was not going to be an easy road. But you have done it before and you can do it again. I think you guys like that uphill battle.

Brian, I will be sitting at home cheering on Sunday. My dogs are really amused by me when the Sox are on! Good Luck! Play hard!

Go Go Go Go White Sox! Chicagos proud of you!


I agree it’s disappointing that more runs weren’t scored last night, but the opportunities were there so it’s not like anyone wasn’t trying. It was also very disappointing that those inside pitches were being called strikes at critical times in the game. Hate when opportunities are stolen by bad calls but I guess the umps are only human. I only wish Ozzie wasn’t so afraid to go to the bullpen. Mark looked tired when he was brought back in the eighth inning and both those guys came around to score.

Well, I agree with the rest of the fans, the White Sox have been doing things no team has done before all year. Let’s get three in a row to keep this thing going!! Just relax, have fun, enjoy where you are and know there are a lot of teams out there who would love to be in your shoes right now. GO SOX!!

we will be home, we will win, we will make it….


Brian, I’m sure it was difficult to blog after a disappointing loss last night so thank you for being so candid. Try to shake it off and think about another chance on Sunday. This team has surprised and endured through these “do or die situations” , but whatever happens the fans are behind you. Oh, and enjoy the time with your mom. I am with the other posters about those cowbells. They are almost as annoying as the air horns in Oakland!
Go Go White Sox!

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